Fishing Lakes in Cornwall

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For carp fishing enthusiasts, Cornwall has a lot to offer. With its picturesque landscape and abundance of lakes and rivers, the region has become a hotspot for day ticket carp fishing. In this article, we will introduce you to the best day ticket carp fishing lakes in Cornwall.

Bake Lakes (Saltash)

Looking for a premier carp fishing experience in Cornwall? Look no further than Bake Lakes, a stunning fishery located in Trerulefoot, just 8 miles from Saltash. This 30-acre complex boasts nine lakes, two of which are home to specimen carp.

The newest addition to the complex is Caesar’s Palace Lake, which opened in 2016. All the carp in this lake weigh over 10lb, with the largest recorded catch weighing in at 25lb. The lake spans 5 acres and features multiple islands that separate the pegs nicely, making them ideal hotspots to fish towards. The lake's depth ranges from 4ft to 20ft, with an average depth of around 10ft.

Luxor Lake is the original specimen lake in the complex and boasts the largest carp in the lakes. The lake spans around 5 acres, and the largest carp caught to date weighs over 34lb. The shallower end of the lake (with depths of 2ft-4ft) is particularly popular during summer months, while the deeper end reaches a maximum depth of 12ft.

Bake Lakes has an on-site tackle shop offering a range of accessories and bait, and toilet facilities are available. Day tickets start from £12, with night fishing available on Caesar’s Palace Lake at a cost of £25 per 24 hours. Anglers wishing to fish overnight on Luxor Lake must make arrangements in advance with the owners.

Key points:

  • Name: Bake Lakes
  • Location: Saltash, PL12 5BW
  • Biggest Carp: 34lb+
  • Lake Size: Various
  • Price: From £12
  • Call: 07798 585 836

Gwinear Lakes (Newquay)

Gwinear Lakes is a well-known fishery located in Cubert, just 4 miles away from Newquay. This Cornish complex is made up of two lakes, one of which is a 3-acre match lake, while the other is a smaller specimen lake.

The Specimen Lake is the real gem of the complex, with a size of approximately 2 acres and two islands located towards the southern bank of the lake. This lake is home to a stock of around 100 carp, with nearly half of them in the mid/upper double-figure bracket. Over 30 carp weigh over 20lbs, with eight known to have crossed the 30lb barrier, including the current lake record holder at over 35lbs.

Apart from the two islands, the lake features lily pads, reed beds, and an overhanging willow tree to aim for while trying to catch these elusive carp. The lake only has six pegs, which provide every angler with an ample amount of water to fish in.

Gwinear Angling Centre, one of the largest fishing tackle shops in Cornwall, is also located on the main site, stocking a huge range of tackle, accessories and bait. There is also an excellent toilet/shower block available for visitors.

Day tickets are priced at £12, with a 24-hour ticket available for £24. Since there are only six pegs available, pre-booking is essential to ensure you get your spot.

Key points:

  • Name: Gwinear Lakes
  • Location: Newquay, TR8 5JX
  • Biggest Carp: 35lb+
  • Lake Size: 2 acres
  • Price: From £12
  • Phone: 01637 210 045

If you're a fishing enthusiast who loves to catch carp, Gwinear Lakes is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day or two in a beautiful Cornish countryside setting.

Lower Tamar Lake (Holsworthy)

Located in Alfardisworthy, just 7 miles from Holsworthy and on the Devon/Cornwall border, Lower Tamar Lake is a stunning 35-acre water that provides an exciting fishing experience. The lake is managed by South West Lakes Trust and boasts 16 well-spaced pegs that offer plenty of water to fish.

At the north end of the lake, there is a nature reserve, which is out of bounds for anglers. However, the two closest pegs to this reserve, peg 1 on the east bank and "swampy" on the west bank, are known to be highly productive.

The lake holds a good head of carp, with weights in excess of 20lb, and the lake record stands at over 38lb. Despite its size, the lake's high stock levels mean multiple catches are possible when the fish are biting.

Day tickets are priced at £12, while a 24-hour ticket costs £22.

Key points:

  • Name: Lower Tamar Lake
  • Location: Holsworthy, EX23 9SB
  • Biggest Carp: 38lb+
  • Lake Size: 35 acres
  • Price: From £12
  • Call: 01288 321262

So if you're looking for a scenic carp fishing destination in the South West, Lower Tamar Lake is definitely worth considering.

Meadow Lakes (St Austell)

Meadow Lakes is a holiday park in Hewas Water, located about 6 miles from St Austell in Cornwall. This complex comprises of four fishing lakes, which are available for free to guests of the park, but also accessible to non-staying guests with day tickets. The first three lakes are mainly stocked with silver fish and small carp, while the fourth and largest lake, which is approximately 2 acres, houses the biggest fish on the site. The lake boasts a variety of depths, ranging from 2ft to 14ft, and has a small island in the middle. Anglers can expect to find smaller mirror carp, double-figure common carp, and even a lake record ghost carp of 26lb. Night fishing is not allowed, and day tickets are priced at £10, while season tickets are available for £100.

Key points:

  • Name: Meadow Lakes
  • Location: St Austell, PL26 7JG
  • Biggest Carp: 26lb+
  • Lake Size: 2 acres
  • Price: From £10
  • Call: 01726 882 540

Oakside Fishery (Newquay)

Oakside Fishery is located in the quaint village of Whitecross, which is just a short 6-mile drive from the lively town of Newquay. The lake extends to around 3.5 acres and is situated on the north Cornwall coast, surrounded by more than 20 acres of farmland.

The lake features four islands, lily beds, overhanging trees, and reed beds, making it an excellent place to fish. The current lake record is over 30lb, and there is a good number of 20lb+ carp as backup.

There are portacabin-style toilets available for use in the car park area, ensuring your convenience during your visit.

Fishing at Oakside Fishery is available on a day ticket basis, starting from just £7. Anglers who wish to fish for a more extended period can purchase 24-hour tickets for £12 or a season ticket for £110.

Key points:

  • Name: Oakside Fishery
  • Location: Newquay, TR8 4QL
  • Biggest Carp: 30lb+
  • Lake Size: 3.5 acres
  • Price: From £7
  • Call: 07773 224 243

Trewandra Fishery (Saltash)

Trewandra Fishery is a stunning fishing location situated in Tideford, just 6 miles from Saltash. This mixed coarse fishery spans over 1 acre and is abundant in silver fish, along with carp weighing in excess of 20lb. While anglers may not set any records here, the idyllic location ensures a peaceful and relaxing day of fishing.

Night fishing is available with prior arrangements with the owners, and day tickets start from £7.

Key points:

  • Name: Trewandra Fishery
  • Location: Saltash, PL12 5JA
  • Fish available: Silver fish, carp (biggest over 20lb)
  • Lake Size: 1 acre
  • Price: From £7
  • Night fishing: Available by prior arrangement
  • Contact: 01752 851 258

Upper Tamar Lake (Holsworthy)

Looking for a fishing adventure in Devon or Cornwall? Consider visiting Upper Tamar Lake, located near Alfardisworthy and only 9 miles from Holsworthy. This South West Lakes Trust-run lake is massive, covering an impressive 81 acres of water across the Devon/Cornwall border.

Once a trout fishery, Upper Tamar Lake has a good stock of carp despite its large size, with a number of 20lb+ fish present. South West Lakes Trust carries out a comprehensive stocking program, injecting new fish into the lake every couple of years to maintain a healthy stock.

The largest recorded carp from Upper Tamar Lake weighed in excess of 36lb, with rumors suggesting even larger fish are present but kept quiet. Day tickets for fishing are priced at £8, with 24-hour tickets available for £20. If you're planning to visit frequently, season tickets are also available, starting at £125 for day fishing only and £205 for day and night fishing.

Key points:

  • Name: Upper Tamar Lake
  • Location: Holsworthy, EX23 9SB
  • Biggest Carp: 36lb+
  • Lake Size: 81 acres
  • Price: From £8
  • Call: 01566 771 930


Cornwall is an angler's paradise, with some of the most scenic and well-stocked fishing lakes in the UK. We hope this article has provided you with a helpful guide to the best day ticket carp fishing venues in Cornwall.

Happy fishing!

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